Robot System

We will become Yunam Tech, pursuing future growth values ​​through ceaseless efforts and technology development.

Business Introduction

Industrial robot/logistics automation completed based on precision processing technology is the cornerstone of the 4th industrial revolution and smart factory.

We create a new industrial structure and efficient working environment with the know-how of precision processing technology accumulated over a long period of time, and further contribute to the happiness and affluent life of mankind.

Business Areas

Industrial / Collaborative Robots

LCD Robot

Vacuum Robot

Robot Overhaul

Robot System Automation

(Hyundai Robotics Industrial Robot Sales Agency)

Manpower Status

  • Manufacturing/Quality

    • 1 PM
    • 1 Senior Engineer
    • 2 Senior Managers
    • 15 Production Staff
    • 1. Build a Smart Factory specialized in robot manufacturing
    • 2. Company H industrial, FPD robot module assembly
    • 3. Possesses infrastructure for direct processing of robot parts
  • Installation Commissioning / AS

    • 1 PM
    • 1 Senior Engineer
    • 1 Senior Managers
    • 1. ISO Certification (1900/15001/45001)
    • 2. Build a Smart Factory specialized in robot manufacturing
    • 3. Robot installation trial operation and domestic 24/7 service network establishment

Development Status

Pig Neck Cutter

Pig Belly Opener

Pig Splitter

Cleaning robot automation

Probate Robot Automation