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Tool measuring Equipment / Tool Room Operation

The toolhouse is operated to stabilize the quality of the production process and is managed as the best facility. Management through automated system machines reduces errors and extends the life of production equipment. In addition, we provide the best products that satisfy customers by lowering the defect rate of products.

Inspection and measurement equipment

  • HAIMER - Balancing machine
    Use: Correction of weight imbalance (minimizing vibration of rotary tools)
    Size : 1100×1500×820mm(450kg)
    Maximum measuring range: Maximum height 400mm / Maximum diameter 380mm / Maximum weight 30kg
    Measurement accuracy: 0.5g-mm
  • ZOLLER - Pilot3.0
    Use: Tool length measurement (automatic), tool wear check
    Size : 2400×1200×1720(300kg)
    Maximum measuring range: X-axis 400mm Z-axis 450mm
  • Elbo Controlli - E458
    Use: Tool length measurement (manual), tool R value, runout
    Size : 1100×2200×640mm(300kg)
    Maximum measuring range: X-axis 500mm, Z-axis 600mm