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Extracting nominal data from modeling file → Inspection → Comparative analysis of actual data against modeling

Gage R&R Analysis
Process /Cpk Analysis

Not only do we implement the gage R&R periodically using the statistical process control program

minitab we also control the quality systematically by data analysis and feedback on the results.

Reverse Engineering
Inspection using 2D curve and 3D surface
Conversion of inspection data CAD/CAM compatible data
Generation the optimum modeling data using I-deas & catia

BLADE wing height & position verification/
Verification DATA
SPLIT-PRESSURE outline map /
detection DATA
Quality control

Quality management

Yunam Tech acquired AS9100 Rev. B/ISO 9001 quality management system certificate for quality and put our top priority
on customer satisfaction. Based on the company philosophy of integrity, diligence, and trust, we always endeavor to
provide our customers with the best quality products.

Quality policy

The quality policy of Yunam Tech is to meet the customer's demands in terms of quality, delivery, development of new
products, and quality assurance. By developing stable quality system, the company can satisfy the customers'
demands, getting trust and support from them.

Quality control activities

It is the quality assurance system to review the products by using the real size modelling of Neuro CAD Durf. 3. 7 Program and
making the virtual DMI Program instead of actual products.