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Since Yunam Tech has been Established in 1990. Yunam is a leader of the superprecision manufacturing for 20 years in making aircraft engine, aircraft fuselage, turbo impeller, machine tool and products for the defense industry with the best degree of precision and the top quality lead us to be what we are now.

Through technical development and systematic training for the optimum quality. Yunam constantly develop new technology and endure change and challenge to make a progress toward to be the company that world recognizes.

Basis of the superprecision technology and extensive experience. Yunam is growing up to become a worldwide competitive company and will serve you with the best products and the service.
Yunam also wishes and helps to make an affluent community.
It`s valuable and sound company even though it`s not too big, we ask your much attention and support.

Thandk you very much.